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Tune Manager Downloads

Tune Manager (V4) is for use with Ezy-FLASH Pro (all vehicle types).


The current release contains Ezy-FLASH support for Subaru and Mazda vehicles.



  Download Application
Windows 32 Bit Tune Manager V1.4.1.58.zip Installer

New features in this version:

  • Improve High-Speed Logging
  • Add Gen2 Mazda support
  • Add 'Copy text to clipboard' icon in Ezy-FLASH information window
  • Add support for .ftune files (produced by WRT)
  • Streamline Ezy-FLASH data write process
  • Improve menu structure for accessing data logging windows
  • Add large cross drawing style to line graph in Log Viewer
  • Add min/max columns to Side Bar in Log Viewer
  • Improve help text string in skeleton mode
  • Improve reliability adding tunes to a tune set
  • Support incremental tune additions for tunes from .ftune files
  • Fix log display bug with Subaru airflow learning / correction (would not go below 0)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

NOTE: Upgrade your Ezy-FLASH Pro firmware to the latest version.

For a full list of changes since the last version, see here.



NOTE for Subaru users

A patch is available which provides better High Speed Data Logging support for engine load. Download the zip file and extract the exe into the install folder for Tune Manager, e.g.,
C:\Program Files\Ezy-FLASH\Tune Manager


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